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Classic OG

Turn your daily grind into a gentle ride with this focus-boosting strain.

The fragrance of Classic OG is that of earthy timber, pungent pine, herby gas, and citrus flower.
The nugs are drenched in a honey colored kief and they stick together as a unified mass. 
When the light catches Classic OG just right, it glistens like the coastal starry night sky. The
tastes are of floral sweet citrus, with substantial notes of herbaceous earth pine.


Heighten your connection.

This strain offers the best of both worlds. Its effects include a brightened mood and mental stimulation, combined with immense physical relaxation and eventual sedation. Magic's robust aroma fills the room with hints of ripe, juicy exotic fruits, oak, and pine nuts.

With its mind/body effect of heightening the senses and physical relief, it's a perfect way to connect with another.

True OG

Inspires creativity.

True OG is extremely skunky with a pungent evergreen aroma and refreshing notes of sweet
citrus—exactly the way a True OG should smell. Its mind/body effect is that of being wrapped in a cozy blanket near a warm and tranquil fire. Soon, relaxation takes over as a wave of calmness washes over the mind.

Patron OG

Perfect for winding down at the end of the day.

The aroma of Patron OG is where it takes the crown over other Indicas and OGs in existence.
Its odorous qualities are so potent that it will overflow any room with gaseous pungency and it
has a defined taste of fresh flora and mountain pine.
Patron OG is the epitome of a creeper. The initial effects are playfully mild, and it is deceptively
silky and effortlessly smooth on the exhale.

OG Minies

Tiny but mighty, OG Minies are the smaller nugs from our amazing indica strains, proving once again, that size doesn’t matter.

2018 Kush Stock winner for our Patron OG
2020 Weedcon winner for our Classic OG

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